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Tim Curtis - Modified Legends Race Cars

"When you talk about performance enhancement from lubrication. . . the savvy guys will listen to you. Mainly what racers want is protection of their investment, and AMSOIL products deliver both protection and performance. " -- AMSOIL DEALER Tim Curtis

ON THE TRACK - AMSOIL Dealer Tim Curtis of Salem-Winston, N. C. has added several wins to his legends PRO division record since he started using AMSOIL motor oils and other products.

Modified legends race car driver Tim Curtis, Winston-Salem, N.C. learned the value of AMSOIL products through experience on the track.

His first season of driving on the INEX legends circuit in 1998 was a long one, with lots of engine problems. He decided to see what AMSOIL products could do to improve durability and performance in his 5/8 scale legends race car.

"I tried every other oil under the sun that first season," Curtis said. "These cars run hot with the Yamaha 1200 air-cooled engine and no matter what I used or how often I changed it, it still smelled burned when it came out. The season ended with an expensive blowup. I started doing research on oils and found the performance characteristics of AMSOIL very intriguing, and the hype from loyal users was too much to ignore, so I bought a case to try out."

The results spoke for themselves, he said. The engine ran cooler and didn't seem to bleed power when it got hot. The next season's engine lasted the entire year and upon rebuild looked great, with reduced wear.

Curtis signed up as an AMSOIL Dealer in 2000 and took his testimony to the track. "My AMSOIL business continues to grow," he said.

The legends car is AMSOIL-equipped from front to back with Series 2000 20W-50 Racing Oil in the engine, a Super Duty Oil Filter, synthetic Heavy-Duty Grease protecting the wheel bearings, suspension ball-joints and steering box, AMSOIL 80W-90 Gear Lube in the differential, and all of the rod-ends lubricated with AMSOIL MP Metal Protector.

The fiberglass body components are kept showroom clean and shiny with Miracle Wash and after a long night at the track, the crew cleans up with BriteSide Heavy Duty Scrub hand cleaner.

It doesn't end there. The 1999 Ford Expedition tow vehicle also is fully AMSOIL-equipped. It got a dose of AMSOIL Engine Flush when he bought it two years ago with 25,000 miles on the engine. "It is running strong as ever with 77,000 miles, pulling a 6,000-pound trailer in the 95-degree Carolina summer heat," Curtis said. He runs AMSOIL 5W-30 Motor Oil in the engine, uses a Super Duty SDF-11 Oil Filter, and AMSOIL Universal ATF in the transmission.

"I use the same in my wife Connie's 2001 Honda Odyssey," Curtis said. "The door hinges on my trailer also get a shot of AMSOIL MP Heavy Duty Metal Protector. I also use AMSOIL 100:1 2-Cycle Pre-Mix in my mowers and trimmers."

In 2002, with two cars and sponsorship from his Direct Jobbers, Gary and Sandra Newport also of Winston Salem, N.C., Curtis has collected several wins and finished an impressive top 10 PRO division N.C. state points championship for oval track legends, and a top 5 in PRO division N.C. state points championship for road course legends. He also sponsors a limited late model team at his home track, Caraway Speedway near Asheboro, N.C.

"It's great to have a product you can rely on and believe in," Curtis said. "When you talk about performance enhancement from lubrication you may get some funny looks, but the savvy guys will listen to you. Mainly what racers want is protection of their investment and AMSOIL products deliver both protection and performance